Earthseed Laboratories

a community farm and retreat center grounded in abolitionist feminisms and BIPOC land justice

Movement Retreats

The Octavia E. Butler Freedom Library

This emerging space is a evolving collection of books, art, artifacts and seeds.

Trails and Altars

We are building walking trails throughout the site and constructing outdoor altars to our movement ancestors Audre Lorde, Harriet Tubman and others.

Healing from State Violence

As a place which centers a politics of abolition, this endeavor seeks to build Black/BIPOC economic power and funnel that power into healing from police violence and mass incarceration. The problem we seek to address is twofold: 1) the burnout and trauma being experienced by activists of color and indigenous activists; 2) the trauma and need for practical material resources (housing, food, work, community) for folks exiting jails prisons.

Community Gatherings

tools for healing justice

Earthseed apothecary centers the idea that the transformation of our relations to the body is centrally connected to transforming our relations to self, community and land.

We need like 1000 Earthseed Labs. As a longtime fan of Octavia Butler's, I am so excited to see how you are inspired by her legacy and wisdom.

Jay R.

This land is so magical. I am so impressed with what Renée and others are creating. This is literally like building the new world I want.

Lauren J.