The Vision

Earthseed Laboratories will be a nourishing site physically located in Humboldt County, CA. The land itself will consist of a workshop/barn, medicinal herb, flower and vegetable gardens, outdoor altars, a freedom library, a large retreat center space as well as a microvillage of tiny homes and yurts. Solar and other forms of alternative energy will be explored, along with composting toilets, rainwater catchment systems and other sustainable technologies. In contrast to many ecotourism destinations worldwide which privilege a white tourist gaze, Earthseed Laboratories will be an intentional space centered around combatting white supremacy, state violence and capitalist greed from an intersectional feminist lens. The land will be a space where marginalized folks, particularly folks of color and queer people, can come to reconnect with nature, strategize, break bread and imagine a new world. The microvillage will be available for individual retreat/vacation rentals, as well as for retreats hosted by movement organizations, somatic practitioners, academics and other folks committed to our guiding values. We envision yoga retreats, writing retreats bringing together people working on a similar theme or topic, a series of healing justice weeks for our brothers and sisters returning home from imprisonment and convergences where activists from diverse movements (from Black Lives Matter to Reproductive Justice organizations) come together to slow down, chart a path forward, and reconnect with ourselves and the earth.

See our vision board on pinterest.